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play-hard professionals

Work hard, play hard, that’s technical digital production agency rb2. Firing on all cylinders is our business mentality. Not only in terms of quantity, but above all, in quality. Every technical question is a challenge to us. We’re not satisfied until our clients can’t stop smiling.

over rb2

We - Rutger Bakker, Richard Birksteiner and Dennis van Marle – are the men behind rb2. We don’t know what sitting still means. Continually coming up with and developing great technical solutions, that’s what we love to do!

Together with about 90 technical superheroes, we go full throttle every day. And not just in the Netherlands, but in China and Singapore as well. Because rb2 goes global.

For us, Agile development is the way to go. We also use tools such as Jira, Confluence and Github.

Delivering on our promises and agreements is important to us. We prefer to commit to long-term collaboration, allowing the partners to get to know each other and therefore help each other better.

Working hard also means blowing off steam, which is just as important for a healthy working environment. So we make time for it! Every Friday afternoon we drink a beer (or two) in our own bar ‘De Groene Draeck’. And once a year the whole team goes skiing together for a long weekend.

The rb2 head office is brand new. Last year we opened our premises in a former school in the centre of Purmerend. Entirely according to the wishes of each and every rb2er, because every vote counts in our company. Think wooden floors, industrial lamps, hoverboards and sweetie jars, and you’ll pretty much get the picture!